10 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

How valuable is lead generation to businesses? According to the latest research, 27% of marketers consider lead generation a crucial metric for marketing strategy effectiveness. And, considering the nature of the sales funnel (or sales cycle), that’s no surprise.

Consumer behavior data shows that people rarely go from awareness to purchase in a single click. Instead, they take their time discovering and evaluating solutions. And they often make purchase decisions based on emotional appeal, perceived competence, brand trust, or even ESG values.

So, whether you have yet to create landing pages that will attract quality traffic and convince web visitors to convert or want to boost the efficiency of your existing pages, it’s always a good idea to explore approaches that will help maximize your lead generation efforts. This article looks at some of the best lead-generation landing page examples, including a few tips to achieve the same effect on your site.

1. Write the Perfect Value Proposition — TravelPerk

One of the most effective ways to generate more leads on your landing pages is to write the perfect value proposition that grabs user attention and helps visitors see that your business offers the solution they need to remove their pain points.

According to eye-tracking web design studies, people form opinions about your brand immediately after landing on your site. Research shows this can happen in as little as 50 milliseconds to 0.18 seconds, meaning you have little time to leave a positive impression. 

However, it’s essential to understand that not all page elements hold the same gravitas in influencing your audience’s opinion of your brand.

Essentially, web user behavior research shows that, upon landing on a website, people roam the page until their attention catches on an element relevant to their needs. So, to leave a positive impression on first-time web visitors and make them instantly see that your business holds the answer to their needs, you must compose a highly focused value proposition and position in a space where it will be impossible to miss.

If you check out the TravelPerk For Finance Teams landing page, you’ll see that this is precisely what the brand does. With the copy clearly stating the most essential benefit of the SaaS solution — saving money — the brand successfully captures and retains its audience’s attention. 

TravelPerk For Finance Teams landing page

Note that copywriting isn’t enough to turn your value propositions into lead-generation superweapons. To get the most out of them, you must pay attention to placement (the hero section is always a safe bet), design (simplicity always yields better understanding), and contrast (so that the value you offer stands out).

2. Use Video — Qualtrics

Video is one of the most effective content formats you can add to your lead-generation landing pages. According to Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics report, 90% of marketers who used video in 2022 successfully managed to generate more leads.

The reasons for the unmatched effectiveness of video are varied. Humans are made to process visual information faster and more effectively than written text. Plus, combining images and sounds also allows prospects to gauge your product’s value more quickly and with minimal effort. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that some of the best lead generation landing page examples contain explainer and product preview videos in highly visible places.

For instance, if you check out the Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager landing page, you’ll see an “in action” video below the main lead capture element. The 2-minute introduction to the software’s capabilities effectively communicates who the product is for, what it does, and how it performs. These are more than enough to establish its value, thus making the brand’s lead-generation efforts more fruitful, with more prospects signing up to request a demo.

Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager landing page

3. Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Design — Icedrive

The latest statistical data shows that 58.33% of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices (excluding tablets). So, knowing that web users won’t interact with pages that don’t look good on their screens — in fact, Adobe found that 30% would stop viewing a page if it didn’t display well on their current device — you must make your lead generation landing pages (and your entire website, for that matter) mobile friendly.

For inspiration, check out the Plans page on the Icedrive website. This webpage is the perfect example of how great responsive design should look:

  • It makes it easy for web visitors to find relevant information. 
  • It’s fast to load. 
  • It is pared down to focus on what matters. 
  • It prioritizes user experience by making it super-easy for visitors to get in touch, ask for help, or explore additional resources before making a buying decision.
 Plans page on the Icedrive website

4. Employ Interactive Elements & Tools — MarketBeat

Generating leads without first engaging web visitors is an impossible feat. So, knowing that your landing pages need to be effective at encouraging visitors to interact with the content they present, it’s not a bad idea to employ tools and elements that will push those interactions in a user-friendly manner.

According to research from Mediafly, using interactive content is one of the best ways to boost engagement rates. The brand’s research from 2022 discovered that interactive content lifts engagement by 52.6%

So, it’s no surprise that businesses like MarketBeat use such elements — like on the page below — to capture more high-quality leads they can nurture into customers.


5. Deliver a Personalized Experience — ShopSolar

Nowadays, consumers don’t want to be served with generic content irrelevant to their experience. They want personalization. And more importantly, 76% of people become frustrated when brands fail to deliver the personalized experiences they seek.

With this in mind, your lead generation landing pages must show that your business genuinely cares about giving customers exactly what they need — nothing less.

One great way to achieve this effect with your lead generation efforts is to use surveys or quizzes. 

Take a look at how ShopSolar does it. This brand employs the header section of its homepage to invite web visitors to apply for a Quick Quote. After clicking the CTA, customers are led to fill in an in-depth survey regarding their energy consumption and solar energy needs. And while there may be several questions that visitors have to answer, the result is a highly personalized offer for products that match their requirements to a T.


If you decide to implement this lead-generation strategy, remember that collecting more customer information doesn’t automatically translate into a more personal or better customer experience. Often, consumers will refuse to exchange personal information or data, even if you offer value in return. So, make sure to learn how to create high-converting forms. Don’t ask for more info than you really need. And be mindful of people’s privacy concerns, especially as they continually evolve.

6. Offer Value in Return for Customer Information — eTraining

Investing in high-quality content for your landing pages is one of the best ways to boost your lead generation efforts. But while videos, webinars, and blog posts may do a great job attracting web visitors, they’re not always the best way to get them to convert into leads.

However, there’s one format (or, better said, strategy) that can help you transform all your hard work into more leads. And that’s putting content behind a sign-up gate. 

According to SemRush, 17% of marketers consider gated content the highest-performing format in their arsenals. And that’s not much of a surprise. These resources promise relevant value to your audience — information or instructional materials. They allow web visitors to instantly access that value. The cost is almost nonexistent, with the only “payment” required being an email address (and possibly a name or phone number).

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your landing pages more effective at capturing new leads, you can do something similar to eTraining. This business uses the section right below the page header to offer visitors a free 110-page OSHA Manual on Training Requirements. The resource is super-relevant to the brand’s audience. It’s excellent introductory material for awareness-stage prospects. And, seeing that it’s free, it’s likely to pique the interest of most people arriving on eTraining’s homepage.


7. Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions — SomniFix

Deciding to buy from a brand is not always a decision consumers make rationally. In fact, science shows that people make the majority of their buying decisions based on emotions.

Sometimes, the feelings that encourage consumers to take action are positive — like hope in the possibility of solving their pain points, motivation to act, or aspiring to have the lifestyle associated with a specific product. But, if you look into psychological research, you’ll see that negative emotions sell just as effectively as positive ones.

One of the best (and most recent) examples of how the process works was the toilet paper hoarding crisis at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. In case you need a reminder, people panic-bought heaps of toilet paper they didn’t need (or have space to store) out of the fear of not having access to it later.

But, while panic-buying is a great indicator of how feelings drive people to act and spend money irrationally, it’s also a solid indicator that addressing your audience’s fears and frustrations makes for an excellent way to boost conversions and capture more leads.

For example, if you check out the SomniFix homepage, you’ll see that the brand directly addresses its target audience’s frustration — being a mouth breather. So, by following this emotion-evoking statement with the multiple benefits of using SomniFix mouth tape, the brand successfully inspires conversions — precisely what it set out to do in the first place.

SomniFix homepage

You can achieve similar effects by: 

  • appealing to your prospects’ fear of missing out
  • playing with anticipation
  • offering them exclusive access to tools or resources that align with their needs

8. Highlight Social Proof — Digestive Warrior

Enriching landing pages with sufficient social proof may not be a ground-breaking strategy for enhancing lead generation. However, even though many businesses include ratings, reviews, customer stories, and trust badges on their website to build brand trust and credibility, many still bury this crucial design element at the bottom of the page where no one will bother to look.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to upgrade your landing pages in a way that will help generate leads, why not do something similar to Digestive Warrior?

This business dedicates some of the most valuable of the web page’s real estate to social proof. The Reviews flyout is visible from any position on the page. It stands out at all times, thanks to the bright pink color that contrasts with the background. What works about this element the most is that it offers first-time visitors a very detailed look into the benefits of buying from the brand, along with personal stories, user-submitted images, and tips from long-time users to get the most out of each product.

Digestive Warrior

9. Address Your Audience’s Core Values — MUD Jeans

Did you know that ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) values matter to consumers? According to recent research from McKinsey, products with ESG-related claims grew, on average, 28% over the past five years. Now, compare that to the 20% growth rate for products without ESG claims, and you’ll see a significant difference.

With this in mind, one excellent way to make your lead generation landing pages more effective would be to address your audience’s core values.

For instance, if you check out the MUD Jeans homepage, you’ll see that the brand dedicates a lot of real estate to showing that it sells a superior, sustainable product that is much higher quality and eco-friendly than pieces sold at popular fast fashion brands.

MUD Jeans homepage

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Mention Your Competitors — Duda

Lastly, as you explore lead generation landing page examples you can learn from, don’t forget that one of the biggest business mistakes you can make is trying to exclusively stay in your own lane. 

True, not mentioning your competitors is the safe way to win over new leads. However, doing so might also mean passing up a valuable opportunity to differentiate your brand and appeal to your ideal customers.

Check out how Duda uses its landing page to capture new leads. Instead of only trying to list its product’s benefits, this brand has the courage to detail everything it does better (or just differently) from one of its biggest competitors. And, sure, some web visitors may conclude that Wix has the better product for their needs. But those whose specific needs align with Duda’s offer will be much more likely to sign up for the brand’s free trial and, hopefully, convert into paying customers down the line.


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re trying to optimize your homepage, landing pages, or lead capture forms, knowing what design elements you need to use or highlight can tremendously help drive conversions. You’ll see that the lead generation landing page examples listed in this guide all do exceptionally well at convincing web visitors to convert into leads.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for enhancing your site’s effectiveness, don’t hesitate to try some of the methods described above. Sure, not all of them might align with your brand’s personality or appeal to your target audience. But if you can implement just one or two of the tactics, track results, and adjust them to be in line with your ultimate goals, you can rest assured that you’ll see improvements in your lead generation efforts and may even experience added benefits like a shortened sales cycle, better brand trust, or increased awareness of your solutions.

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