16 Websites to Download Vector Graphics & Icons for Free

Have you ever wondered where websites get those cool, scalable graphics? Do you often think they must create them from scratch? 

More often than not, they’re tapping into the world of free vector graphics and icons. These free graphics are a treasure trove for web designers, bloggers, and brand strategists, and they’re a way of standing out without breaking the bank.

Vector graphics are far from being decorative elements to sprinkle around your page. They’re crucial for the visual storytelling of your brand and resonate with the visually-driven nature of today’s consumers. 

Let’s dive into the world of free resources; we’re going to uncover the best websites offering free vector and icon graphics that will elevate your design projects and keep your viewers coming back for more. 

  • A curated selection of top websites offering free vector graphics and icons.
  • Discover how vector grаphics аnd icons cаn be used in design projects аnd the benefits they offer. 
  • Understаnd why free resources аre so vаluаble for designers, including cost-effectiveness аnd the freedom to be creаtive.
  • Leаrn аbout the аspects аnd licensing terms you need to consider when using free vector grаphics аnd icons responsibly.

Uses and Advantages of Vector Graphics and Icons

Have you ever noticed how some designs just “pop”? Often, that’s the work of the humble vector image. Vector graphics and icons are a little like the Swiss Army knife of the design world – they’re incredibly versatile and ready for action in many settings. They shine in web design, bringing life to pages with their crisp and clean lines. 

In logos, they offer the clarity, impact, and flexibility that brands crave. Let’s not forget other creative projects like brochures, posters and mockup files. 

Vector graphics are everywhere, and they’re subtly shaping our visual experience.

The Power of Scalability and Customization

Imagine being able to resize images without them turning into a pixelated mess. Welcome to the realm of vector graphics.

Unlike their raster counterparts, these images don’t lose their quality when you scale them up or down. This makes them a perfect fit for both digital and print media. 

Need a billboard design? How about a detailed icon for a mobile application? Or an upscaled design for t-shirt printing? Vector graphics have got your back. 

This scalability, especially when coupled with the ability to customize, is a real game-changer. 

Graphic design software has made it even easier than before to tweak these images, allowing you to adjust colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your project’s needs. For designers, this flexibility saves time and allows them to dedicate resources to more important facets of the project.

The Freedom of Commercial Use 

One of the best things about vector graphics, especially when they’re free, is that most come with freedom for commercial use. This means you can integrate them into projects without having to worry about licensing issues, attributions, or royalty fees.

This aspect is particularly appealing for startups, small businesses, and bloggers where every dollar counts, and legal simplicity is more than welcome.

It’s a liberating feeling, knowing that these resources are not just easy to use but also legally straightforward. 

Why Free Resources Matter

The ability to access high-quality materials without dipping into funds allows for more experimentation and innovation in projects, whether for personal use or commercial endeavors.

In web and graphic design, where budgets can be just as tight as deadlines, free downloadable vector logos and art images are both convenient and necessary. 

These resources democratize design, ensuring that financial constraints don’t get in the way of creativity. By offering royalty-free and public-domain vectors at no cost, these free libraries have become a haven for graphic designers of all types. 

Whether for personal use or commercial use, accessing high-quality materials without dipping into funds allows for more experimentation, innovation, and crazy creative ideas to flourish.

Boosting Engagement and Recall with Visuals 

Did you know that most people only tend to remember about 10% of information after 3 days of viewing it? Those statistics don’t bode well for web designers and brands trying to increase retention of their products. 

The good news is that by adding an image, this information retention increases to a whopping 65%. In fact, adding relevant images to your articles or product pages results in a 94% increase in views when compared to text-only pages; this statistic alone underscores the power of visual elements in enhancing engagement. 

Free vector art images play a crucial role here. They allow designers to incorporate eye-catching graphics that make content more memorable and shareable. The impact of these visuals on your brand isn’t just aesthetic but also functional, helping messages to resonate more deeply with audiences. 

A Library of Inspiration and Diversity 

Just because the vector images, logos, and graphics are free doesn’t mean there’s no variety. A free library of vector graphics generally contains a myriad of designs, all brimming with inspiration and endless possibilities. From contemporary designs all the way to classic motifs, these collections cater to a wide range of styles and project requirements. 

This diversity isn’t just about multiple options; it’s about having the right options to express your brand’s unique voice or to give a personal project that special touch.

Top 16 Websites for  Free Vector Graphics and Icons

The internet is a huge place, and sometimes, finding the resources – especially when it comes to free media – can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

To simplify the quest, here are the best websites for finding free vector art, icons, and graphics. 

Whether you’re looking for simple clipart, icons, or featured images, our list offers a hassle-free way to find exactly what you need. 

Dive into each category to discover what sites suit your specific design needs and creative inclinations. 

1. The Noun Project

The Noun Project

A goldmine for minimalistic black-and-white icons, The Noun Project is renowned for its extensive collection suitable for a multitude of creative projects. Its strength lies in the sheer volume and variety of icons available, making it an invaluable resource for designers seeking specific and high-quality icons.

2. Flaticon


Standing out with its vibrant collection of icons available in multiple file formats, Flaticon is Ideal for projects that require a dash of color. This platform also demands attribution but offers a vast range of icons catering to various design needs.

3. Iconmonstr


Operated by a single designer, Iconmonstr impresses with its vast library of free vector icons. It’s the go-to site for those in search of unique and regularly updated icon designs. Additionally, it offers a personalized icon request service, making it a versatile choice for specific design requirements.

4. DryIcons


Known for its artistic and versatile icon vectors, DryIcons is particularly helpful for independent developers and designers. The icons, often available in complementary sets, are free to use, adding convenience and coherence to design projects.

5. Vexels


Vexels distinguishes itself with an easy-to-use online editor, allowing users to customize and create their own vector art. Ideal for both personal and commercial projects, most vectors are available for download free of charge, making it a resourceful site for fun illustrations and unique designs.

6. DeviantArt


A well-known hub for artists, DeviantArt offers a diverse range of free images, including vector stock. It’s a platform where creativity flourishes, allowing users to explore and download free vectors and even share their own vector art creations.

7. Vector 4 Free

Vector 4 Free

This website is a treasure trove of high-quality vector art, available for free with attribution. Users can browse various categories to find the perfect designs for their projects, with resources available in multiple formats, including EPS, AI, SVG, and PDF. 

8. DrawKit


Popular for its range of free vectors, DrawKit permits the use of its content for both personal and commercial purposes without requiring attribution. It offers both colored and monochrome versions of each image, available in PNG and SVG formats, making it a versatile source for vector stock.

9. Vecteezy


Vecteezy stands out for its comprehensive collection of high-quality vectors. It’s a go-to site for graphic materials and boasts the largest vector graphics community, offering both personal and commercial use options. The website is user-friendly, making it easy to find free vector art that suits any project.

10. Freepik


One of the most popular destinations for vector graphics, Freepik offers hundreds of new vectors daily. The site is known for its diverse range of completely free, high-quality vectors that cater to both personal and commercial projects.

11. Free Vector

Free Vector

Known for its extensive collection, Free Vector is a valuable resource for finding free vector graphics. It offers a wide range of graphic materials suitable for various design projects with options for personal or commercial use.

12. 123freevectors


This platform features around 50 different categories of vectors, including textures and patterns. It’s a great resource for designers who want to find free vector graphics, offering a mix of their own vector art and submissions from other sources

13. All-Free-Download.com


This site is an excellent resource for commercial use of clip art, boasting over 20,000 options. The files, mostly in Adobe Illustrator format, are neatly organized by tags, making it easy to find the right vector packs for any project.

14. Freepngimg.com


Known for its vast collection of high-quality PNG clip art, Freepngimg.com is especially useful for graphic designers. The images, all on a transparent background, are free to download and ideal for intricate designs where precision is key.

15. FreeImages.com (formally Vector.me)


With an extensive database of over 150,000 vector files, FreeImages is a powerhouse for finding free vector images. The site allows the use of downloaded vectors for both personal and commercial purposes, providing a vast array of clip art choices.

16. ClipSafari


This free resource boasts over 100,000 clip art images covering a wide range of subjects. The images, available under the CC0 license, are suitable for any purpose, from professional presentations to personal projects. The high-quality vector images are perfect for both screen and print applications.

Free resources are incredibly beneficial; however, it’s crucial to understand the legalities involved in their use, especially when using the vectors commercially.

Different websites have varying licensing terms, and while there is a degree of standardization, they can be quite different from site to site. Licensing on free resources can range from free for commercial use to restrictions on distribution or modification. 

Designers must be diligent in reading and understanding these terms to ensure their use of vector graphics and icons remains ethical and legal. Here’s a breakdown to help navigate these terms:

  • Completely Free for Commercial Use: These resources can be used for personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions. However, it’s wise to check if attribution is required.
  • Attribution Required: Many free resources require users to credit the creator or source. This is common with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Non-Commercial Use Only: Some vectors are free but restricted to non-commercial projects. Using these for profit-driven purposes could lead to legal issues.
  • No Derivatives: This term means you can use the resource as is, but you’re not allowed to modify it. This is important for designers who often need to tweak and adapt graphics.
  • Share Alike: In some cases, if you modify the resource, you must distribute your final work under the same license terms.
  • Public Domain (CC0): These resources have no copyright restrictions. You can use, modify, and distribute them without permission or attribution.


Q: Where can I find vector icons for free? 

Free vector icons are available on websites like Flaticon, Iconmonstr, and The Noun Project. These sites offer a vast range of free icons suitable for various design needs.

Q: How can I edit or customize vector graphics and icons? 

Vector images and icons can be edited using graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or even free alternatives like Inkscape. The tools will allow you to alter colors, shapes, sizes, and even scale. Unlike with raster images, the quality of the image will not change upon scaling.

Q: Can you use free vectors for commercial use? 

There are many vector images that are freely available for commercial use. However, it is important to check each individual site to ensure you are complying with their licensing terms. Some free vectors can be free for download but may require attribution or have restrictions placed on commercial use.

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